When Is the Right Time to Travel This Summer?

When you’re chomping at the bit to travel abroad and escape the lockdown situation, where should you go, and is it the right time to do so?

Summer is surely a time to get away from it all, decompress, and see new sights. Yet it’s a highly unusual year compared to previous years. Some countries are opening up, but others are closing back down again or tightening restrictions due to the risk of Covid-19.

Let’s look at some likely options and whether you should travel at this time.


Croatia is on the list of open countries as outlined on Omio.co.uk You can check Omio’s Open Travel Index for the latest information on countries accepting travellers at this time. The site facilitates bookings for affordable flights, trains, coaches, ferry bookings, and car rentals too.

There are plenty of interesting cities and towns to visit in Croatia, including the old town of Dubrovnik, Split with its lively cafés, the Plitvice Lakes National Park, and of course, Zagreb, its cultural capital.


Belgium is one of the countries in Europe that is currently accepting visitors from the UK and citizens from the EU.

Covid-19 test is administered as a requirement upon arrival or quarantine of 14 days is needed.

Currently, face masks are to be worn when in Belgium to stay in line with current laws. The social distancing of 1.5 meters or greater is recommended too.

Brussels is the main tourist location. There’s plenty to see and do there. The Grand Palace is popular for its 14th-century architecture, along with the Art Nouveau townhouses that garner considerable attention.


Bulgaria has an interesting history, which is evident in the many historical buildings and sites to visit.

There’s everything from cobbled streets to waterfalls to visit out of town, monument structures, fortresses, and even sunny beaches too.

Currently, entry is allowed for people from the UK and many European countries.

There is a mandatory 14-day self-quarantine required, so a longer visit will be needed before you can get out and explore. Face masks worn outdoors are not seen as required post-quarantine, but this may be subject to change.

Is It the Right Time to Travel?

It depends on how much you wish to travel. Certainly, it’s possible to pick an interesting destination from the ones currently available. With loosening travel restrictions, there’s little to stop you from going to approved destinations that permit visitors.

Checks at Departure and/or Arrival

You will need to wear a mask during travel.

Some airports and countries have their idea about what’s appropriate. It’s a good idea to check on this so that you don’t get caught out. Certainly, ordering a supply of face masks to travel with and some hand sanitiser is a good idea, as they may not be available at your destination yet still be a requirement for use.

Get Travel Insurance

You’ll undoubtedly need travel insurance that includes sufficient coverage to support a possible COVID-related infection.

Some countries will specify that COVID must be included with the travel insurance cover. Check the specific country requirements for visitors, and the small print on policies before purchasing travel insurance to be sure.

For adventurous travellers who are willing to accept health checks, the need for travel insurance, and a few restrictions while in-country, there’s nothing to stop you traveling abroad for some sun and culture. So, what are you waiting for?


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