Be Wise — Sanitise with SanitiseWise

SanitiseWise is a Galway-based sanitising company with a branch now located also in Connemara. Established some months ago, it specialises in the decontamination of Covid 19 using a highly sophisticated spray fogging system known as a SaniqueS3 and HSE approved chemicals.

It is widely acknowledged that the easing of restrictions advises that public buildings, hotels, schools transport modes or indeed all facilities where a variation of unrelated persons converge should be sanitised on a regular basis, thus reducing the risk of the spreading of this highly infectious pandemic.

While regular hand washing, face masks, social distancing and coughing etiquette have all yielded phenomenal results, the decontamination of any building or facility where people converge is now seen as the next step in further reducing the risk of infection.

The process, known as fogging is relatively simple and highly efficient and effective using the SaniqueS3 (see YouTube ), and all buildings and all decontaminated premises are capable of reopening, Covid-free and safely within one hour of the process taking place.

It offers patrons ease of mind and reassurance that they are now in a safe and Covid-free environment. The process is relatively inexpensive and further details can be had from calling 0879651498 or emailing [email protected]


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