Galway Recovery College – online recovery education sessions

Galway Recovery College offers transformative learning in mental health and wellbeing. Recovery education is designed to enable people to grow within and beyond their life experiences and challenges. Based in the Institute for Life Course and Society building (ILAS ), NUI Galway, the college is unlikely to be able to reopen before September. Since April it has been offering recovery education sessions online via Zoom.

Over the next few weeks it will be facilitating sessions on:

· Borderline/emotionally unstable personality disorder, trauma, and recovery on Thursday June 18 and 25 (2.30pm to 4.30pm ).

· A structured eight-week programme on wellness recovery action planning on Thursdays, running until August 20 (2.30pm to 4.30pm ).

· Sexuality and mental health, Tuesday July 14 and 21 (6pm to 8pm ).

· Hearing voices and recovery, Tuesday July 28 and August 4 (6pm to 8pm ).

Sessions are open to everyone - people with lived experience of their own mental health challenges, family members, mental health service providers, and the general public.

People are welcome to participate in any sessions that interest them.

Research shows that students of recovery colleges particularly value:

· Learning from other students.

· Co-production and the valuing of lived experience.

· A safe, supportive environment.

· Acquiring new knowledge.

· Social opportunities.

· Structure.

· Choice and control.

All sessions are co-produced and co-facilitated by an equal team of:

· People with lived experience of their own mental health challenges and recovery.

· Family members and supporters of people with such experience.

· Mental health service providers.

This ensures that the recovery approach imbues everything the college does, and that all three perspectives are equally represented.

For classes in ILAS there is a €5 registration fee per semester, after which all education sessions are free of charge. While the college is operating online, there is no registration fee.

If you are interested in learning with Galway Recover College, see the Facebook page at, email [email protected], or call Virginia Moyles on 087 3401667.


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