The Club Championships are Right Around the Bend

Sport might be back at last and GAA action is said to be right around the corner. There are some concerns that need to be ironed out though. The first issue is with the time frame. It looks like some countries may need to decide between codes and this may mean that football is going to lose out. Counties are going to be forced to choose and this could cause a lot of problems between clubs. This is not going to be a problem for counties such as Tyrone, Donegal and even Kerry though. That being said, there may be problems for Galway and Cork. 


When you look at Dublin, you will soon see that they were very strong in hurling but don’t be surprised if they decide to just focus on football and run off the scene in five weeks. This would be an ideal situation for the team in their ultimate quest to try and get six-in-a-row. The main problem is that this is going to fall back on the intercounty players. It’s going to put them in a very awkward position and it may even mean that there is a tug-of-war in effect between county management teams and club teams. This is especially the case if a club is able to get to the final or the semi-final. It won’t be possible to play both of the club championships before the ultimate resumption of the intercounty training sessions. If you go to an online casino, you will soon find that betting on the team is going to be available once more.

The Grounds are Closed

When you look at things in general, you will soon see that the three-week period is going to be crucial for county boards when you look at club games. This doesn’t make much sense because it might have been better to go for intercounty first. If this could be done on a knockout basis then it would make room for club championships to carry on from September. County teams, regardless of what is being said, are training in a different form because the government has allowed this. This may cause a lot of conflict in clubs across the country and it is a huge contradiction to say the least. When you look at the intercounty scene, you will soon see that it is not a bad time for people to be playing football.

There will be crowds in the stands too, but the only question is how many will be allowed in? The current situation will suit the much stronger counties, but those that have championships based on knockouts, such as Donegal or Dublin, may find that they can run them off quickly and then get back to training. Galway is certainly a threat to all, but they are struggling to get football and hurling games runoff. This may lead to a conflict between players who partake in both sports and therefore have an impact on the teams.


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