Escalation of anti-social behaviour concerns city councillor

A Galway city councillor has expressed his concern regarding the increase in anti-social behaviour in Galway City.

Independent councillor Noel Larkin says he has been inundated with calls, texts, and emails regarding the increase in anti-social behaviour in the east side of Galway city.

He says many of the people contacting him are totally worn out and exasperated due to the lack of consideration and the harmful actions of some of the residents living nearby.

Cllr Larkin says; “It is having a devastating effect on our community and needs to be stamped out before it escalates further.

“[There has been] Increased levels of noise and shouting abuse; gangs of teenagers coming into the back of private houses from outside areas; flowers and shrubs being damaged; broken glass/bottles and syringes littering areas; collecting scrap metal and storing in turning points in estates; horse boxes chained to water gulley covers; illegal caravan parking, both on public ground and council house gardens; van loads of people/families gathering all hours, days dn night; drug dealing from council houses, attracting unsociable characters; torrid abuse to residents/individuals who confront or report anti-social behaviour; terrorising elderly people living alone, often late at night; systemic abuse of some residents to intimidate them from their homes, so the council can re-let to a family of their choice; and rubbish dumping in public spaces, and into private gardens to avoid paying bin charges.

“These unacceptable activities violate the basic rights of law-abiding residents, causing a great deal of distress and anxiety to them and their families as well as disrupting others in the community.

“There are lots of different types of anti-social behaviour, lots of different people causing it and there needs to be stricter measures to deal with it.

“I have been working tirelessly, since being elected in 2014, on eliminating anti-social behaviour, highlighting the scourge of illegal dumping and ensuring the elderly and vulnerable citizens of our community are adequately protected. I just want to see people behaving respectfully towards their neighbours and showing appreciation for social housing given to them by Galway City Council.

“Councils should be given the power to evict tenants – without court appearances and without having to supply alternative accommodation. Members of smaller parties who have no representation in Galway City Council should perhaps examine their own party antics before criticising me,” he said.


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