No more swimming - Blackrock closed to the public with 'immediate effect'

Cllr Clodagh Higgins welcomes pilot cycling lane for Salthill introduced to help with social distancing

No swimming will be permitted at Salthill's iconic Blackrock diving tower for the foreseeable future, while the popular walkway along the golf course, adjacent to Blackrock, will also be closed.

The Galway City Council has introduced these further restrictions for the Salthill area, and the gardaí have given an undertaking to police and enforce such restrictions.

Blackrock beach, the diving tower, and the walk at the back of the golf course, have been closed with immediate effect. Heras fencing is being erected at all entrances to Salthill Park to discourage people from entering.

Prior to this, only the changing rooms at Blackrock had been closed, but people who lived in Salthill were permitted to swim, provided only four people at a time were present on the beach being used. However it has been felt necessary to impose these tougher restrictions due to the "difficulty with maintaining social distancing".

Pilot cycling lane introduced in Salthill

Walking the prom, for people who live within the permitted 2km zone for exercising, is still allowed, but only on weekdays (prom is closed on Saturdays and Sundays ). Meanwhile, all car parking spaces along the prom are cordoned off with cones. This is to facilitate a cycleway, and stop cycling on the prom, thereby providing additional space for walking and social distancing.

Fine Gael Galway City West councillor, Clodagh Higgins, has welcomed the restrictions, calling them "necessary precautions for the health and well being of the citizens of Salthill".

Fine Gael Galway City West councillor, Clodagh Higgins.

She said she was particularly delighted by the introduction of the pilot cycle lane, and noted how it took the current pandemic to see the introduction of such measures.

“As a cyclist I am delighted the Galway City Council has made this decision," she said. "It will allow for safe cycling infrastructure during the Covid19 pandemic and crucially allow for social distancing on the prom for walkers."

While she acknowledged this will reduce car spaces in Salthill, Cllr Higgins said she had been working with City Hall to make further parking facilities available at Bailey Point.

"As the days get brighter and warmer, we could expect an influx of people would have an adverse impact on the health and safety of the residents. I made representations to the council calling for additional protective measures and I am delighted to see these acted on so quickly."


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