Lockdown views: Sarah Perry

Galway City

"I am looking forward to travelling more with family and friends when lockdown is over and restrictions have been lifted. The lockdown has made me realise that life is short and that no one is invincible. I took life and its length, for granted up until this point because of my young age. I've now been shocked back into reality because of this virus.

"Galway and Ireland as a country are beautiful places to live in and have amazing views, and I don't believe I have experienced it in all its glory yet. It's only when the sun comes out that I really appreciate its beauty (hopefully, long may it last ). Therefore I am planning weekend breaks all over Ireland in the weeks/months to follow lockdown being lifted, Netflix can wait.

"I have learned that I am a much stronger person than I give myself credit for. I have adapted well to the new restrictions and take time out of each day to exercise within 2km of my home. Even if all I do for one day is go for a leisurely walk, then I've accomplished something. I believe it has been much easier for me and most of us to criticise ourselves for not learning a new skill/language or painting that garden fence during lockdown, but I have also learned that the smallest things accomplished sometimes have the biggest affect on me, if I acknowledge them like I should."


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