Children at greater risk of drowning during COVID 19 restrictions, warn Irish Water Safety

IWS appeals to parents to teach children about water safety during the lockdown

Despite the coronavirus lockdown confining people to within 2km of their home, children are still at greater risk of drowning during this period, according to Irish Water Safety.

According to a study carried out by IWS, which is based at The Long Walk, six out of 10 drownings occur at inland water sites and eight out of 10 drownings occur close to the victims home. IWS also pointed out that water bodies, such as streams, rivers, canals, ponds, slurry and rainwater collection tanks, bog holes, wells, lakes, and the seashore are within the 2kn distance of many homes.

"It is essential that parents maintain constant, responsible, and uninterrupted supervision on their children to ensure they do not gain access to these real hazards," a statement from IWS read. "While children are at home take advantage of the opportunity to teach them how to stay safe near water."

Water safety information and free resources are available via


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