Mayor calls on public to fly a flag to show solidarity with city's frontline workers

Raise a tricolour or Galway flag to support 'our modern day heroes'

In a show of solidarity with, and recognition of the dedication and courage of frontline workers during the coronavirus crisis, the current mayor, and a predecessor, are flying the tricolour from their houses.

The Mayor of Galway, Independent Galway City Central councillor, Mike Cubbard, and the former mayor, Labour Galway City West councillor, Niall McNelis, have jointly agreed to fly both the tricolour, and the Galway flag, from their homes, "to show frontline workers we stand shoulder to shoulder with them throughout this difficult time".

Both Mayor Cubbard and Cllr McNelis believe "it might just make that journey to the hospital to carry out a days work that bit easier" if the route has flags symbolising solidarity along the way. "We need to support our frontline workers in every way possible," said the Mayor. "There are our modern day heroes."

Since Mayor Cubbard announced the decision on Facebook yesterday evening, "dozens have joined in" and both he, and Cllr McNelis, are encouraging more people to do so.

"There are medical staff, essential services, carers, and so many more, putting their own health at risk by working around the clock in the fight against this terrible virus," said Mayor Cubbard. "Many of them will get up and go to work from a house on our street, in our estate, our village, town or city. The rest of us will work from home and isolate best we can."


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