Galway lockdown views: Sarah Perry

Galway City

"I work in admin for a local company in the city. However, because of the social distancing restrictions I cannot go into work. The lockdown has affected me negatively because I visit my family members on a weekly basis normally and cannot do that now for their safety and my own. I am also unable to mind my grandparents who are recovering from surgery which has been tough for me.

"However, on a brighter note the lockdown has afforded me time to get some chores done around the house such as fixings and replacing things. My home has never been as clean. I have also been able to start a book that I got at the beginning of March - Fern Britton's The Newcomer - so there are positives to come out of the lockdown.

"My tips on how to pass the time are to; read that book you keep meaning to read; start a puzzle; and set up friends/family groups to keep in touch with one another. This self isolation is tough for all of us but unfortunately it is necessary to keep away from loved ones in order to save their lives."


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