Helplink Mental Health provides free counselling services to people laid off by COVID 19 crisis and more

Helplink Mental Health, a registered mental health charity that has been providing mental health services locally (West of Ireland ), nationally and internationally for over 7 years, is responding to COVID 19 crisis, for all our communities who are struggling with their mental health / emotional wellbeing.

We are responding by providing the below counselling services nationally online (via a free app on Smartphones/laptops/PCs ), for FREE or at low costs; 7 days a week to people's homes and other private spaces (car, office, shed, barn, while you're walking, etc. ).

Free counselling for people laid off work by the COVID 19 crisis (6 sessions ).

Free counselling for people with addictions to gambling, alcohol and/or drugs.

Free counselling for Irish returning home.

Free counselling for Irish living abroad.

Terms and conditions apply - see for more information.

Our low-cost counselling for people who are employed (65 euro ) is also still available nationwide.

Furthermore, we have lowered our already discounted counselling service (from 30 Euro to 20 Euro ) for full-time (3rd level ) students, part-time counselling students, part-time workers (working less then 20 hours a week ), single parents, people in receipt of a social protection payments (e.g. Jobseeker’s Benefit/Allowance, Disability Benefit etc. ).

Want to know more or book an appointment?

See our website here at

 Call 091 759887 or 0818 998880

 Email [email protected].


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