Canney slams those ignoring social distancing

Minister for Rural Affairs Seán Canney has urged everyone to observe social distancing in the fight against the coronavirus.

Minister Canney said; "Most people are following the guidelines of staying two metres apart but some people are not and this is irresponsible. We are all in this together and that means everyone has to comply with the guidelines.

"There have been instances - especially in supermarkets - where a minority of people have ignored the advice. There have even been instances of members of staff being verbally abused because of it. The people who fail to practice social distancing are putting everyone at risk including themselves.

"Together we can beat this virus but that means everyone respecting the advice from the chief medical officer and the Health Service Executive."

Minister Canney also added that people should only look to trusted sources for their information and advice such as the chief medical officer, the HSE and, the Department of Health.


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