Citroen offers 'eco trade-in' cashback

The people at Citroen in Ireland say they have always been committed to greener motoring as one of the market leaders in diesel technology and in the reduction of CO2 emissions. And now, for a limited time only, Citroen says it is introducing the “eco trade-in cashback deal” which means savings on all its greenest models to encourage buyers to trade up to a newer, greener, more fuel efficient Citroën model.

In many areas of our daily lives taking the green route is often the more expensive option, but Citroen boasts that you can now do your part to reduce CO2 emissions and energy consumption while also saving yourself significant amounts of money. And it is better for the planet, better for your pocket, and it is a win-win situation. Sounds promising.

In upgrading to a greener car, Citroen claims that while many makers now offer greener vehicles, Citroen has long been at the forefront when it comes to reducing environmental impact. Citroen offers five models in the lowest VRT tax band from the C1 to the C4, all qualifying for €104 road tax – a total which Citroen says is unbeaten by any other brand.

Citroen says it offers nine models, more than any other brand in Ireland, in the two lowest VRT tax bands including the C4 Picasso seven-seat MPV and C5 executive saloon. And it boldly claims that switching from your petrol-powered family car to a Citroën HDi diesel could cut more than €1,300 from your annual motoring costs

Citroen claims it is the European market leader in the production of vehicles producing less than 110g/km of CO2. Its advanced HDi diesel engines reduce not only emissions, but also fuel consumption, meaning you can travel over a claimed 1,600km on a single tank of fuel, which equates to an unbelievable 76mpg on the extra-urban cycle.


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