Improve your CV to land a dream job

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How to improve your CV to land a dream job

How to improve your CV to land a dream job

It is fair to say the weather so far in 2020 has been awful with February being particularly dreadful. Twenty-one consecutive days of rain plus three storms have left most of us huddling indoors trying to stay warm and dry.

However, one benefit of having a lot of extra time on our hands is that we can sit back and reassess what is positive in our lives and perhaps what needs improving. One aspect which a lot of people will always consider when they have time to think is their career. Where are you going? What do you want? How to achieve your dream job?

Here at the we provide some tip on how to improve your CV to assist you in landing the perfect post for yourself.

Concise is key

When doing out a CV make sure it is concise and to the point. Recruiters are most likely having to sift through tens, perhaps hundreds, of CVs and they will not be too pleased if they are looking at a six page CV. Traditionally, two pages is accepted as a CV limit.

Be relevant

One CV does not fit all job applications so it is important to tender your CV towards the job specifications. Tell the employer how you will be able to deliver on the essential and desirable criteria. It is useful to use the terms of the job spec because a number of employers will also use computers which are programmed to pick up on buzzwords. Could be the difference between your getting a job or not.

Why are you the best candidate?

At the end of the day, an employer wants to know if you can do the job for which they have a vacancy and the best way to demonstrate this is by putting down on your CV. Use examples of your work achievements such as hitting targets or exceeding key performance indicators (KPIs in employment speak ). When describing your experience and your previous roles, choose 'power' words like accomplished, implemented, and initiated. Remember your CV is a sales pitch to a potential employer.


Print out your CV to make sure it looks good in hard copy form as it does on screen, as it is likely the interview panel will be using a hard copy during the interview. Use a consistent font and size throughout the CV and be mindful of spacing. Attention to detail in this regard is important because any inconsistencies on a CV, will give the impression that you are a careless and sloppy worker.

Make sure to proofread

Having a CV that is accurate without spelling mistakes is base line stuff but there are so many people who send in CVs that have grammatical and spelling errors. Get a second pair of eyes to read your CV to make sure you have not messed up.

So there you have it. A few tips on how to improve your CV. Go land that dream job. 

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