Galway’s first modern health spa promoting longevity and wellness for a better, healthier, you

SALT Float and Recovery Suites is the go-to place for optimising mental and physical wellbeing in Galway. Located two minutes off the M6 in Briarhill Business Park, if you are looking to manage pain or add some pleasure to your health routine SALT Float and Recovery Suites is open seven days a week.

A piece of the natural and the ancient, float therapy or ‘floating’ is where your body can rest, recharge, and repair for 60 minutes. Floating allows every muscle in your body to switch off – every muscle. Relief from back pain, muscle and joint soreness, improved sleep quality, and pregnancy support are among the benefits talked about by customers.

Floating is as much for the mind as it is for the body. Stress, anxiety, depression, and PTSD are all too common today. Time alone can be just what the mind needs — calm, quiet, and peace.

With 500kg of medical grade Epsom salt in each pod, floating takes place in an environment which restricts sensory input giving you an immersive experience without sound or light, and a total weightlessness feel.

SALT offers private sessions in its Eir recovery suite, home to two NormaTec Recovery Systems, perfect for getting the blood flowing, faster injury healing, and increased circulation - for the legs, hips, lower back, and arms. Discover the dry Finnish sauna, a clinically proven tool to fight heart disease, lower blood pressure, and increase lifespan. After a single 20 minute session blood pressure drops and mood elevates.

All services at SALT are designed to be experienced with friends or individually. Avail of SALT’s ‘The Works’ bundle to see which therapy works for you. Mention the ad in this week's Advertiser to get 10 per cent of ’The Works’ until March 5.

Contact SALT online, on social media, or call 091 751601. Spaces fill up fast, so book today and take a step towards a healthier and happier you.


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