Steve Bennett - laughing through the disaster

Comedian takes a look at the current state of the world in Everything is F*@$!d

Steve Bennett. Photo:- Tom Maher

Steve Bennett. Photo:- Tom Maher

CLIMATE CHANGE, Trump, Bolsonaro, the Alt.Right, the Manosphere, Brexit, the coronavirus - the world is in bad shape. No wonder comedian Steve Bennett has called his new show Everything is F*@$!d.

Steve, the inaugural winner of the Irish Comedian of the Year Award, was the happiest man on the planet, but has been worn down by the sheer crapness of Earth and her people.

In Everything is F*@$!d, which Steve brings to the Róisín Dubh tomorrow [February 7] at 8pm, he will take audiences on a journey through the scariest bits of modern living, and find ways to cope with it through catchy songs, poems, effortless charm, and razor-sharp stand-up, from a man declared "an adept entertainer with an engagingly wry sense of humour", and who The West Australian called a "fabulous storyteller".

Tickets are available from; Róisín Dubh; and [email protected], Shop Street.


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