Two artists - one venue

Harriet Leander and Finbar McHugh exhibit in the Town Hall Theatre

The artists Finbar McHugh and Harriet Leander.

The artists Finbar McHugh and Harriet Leander.

THE ARTISTS Harriet Leander and Finbar McHugh - aka street artist Finbar247 - are holding a joint exhibition of their work which opens next week in the Town Hall Theatre bar.

Enitled Finbar and Harriet, the exhibition officially opens on Monday December 16 at 6pm and will run for four weeks. The two artists, well known for their colourful and expressive paintings, explore vulnerability and an artist's need to create work in order to understand the changes and challenges of life.

Finbar and Harriet

Speaking about the exhibition, Finbar said: "Harriet and I agreed to set aside one full day to play and explore together. I packed the car with hundreds of cans of paint and everything else I could find in my studio to use before heading off to pick Harriet up. We headed to Barna Woods. Harriet rolled out the canvas on the forest floor.

"We began to pull materials out, Harriet crushed charcoal into her canvas with her feet, stamping like a child in the snow. I watched her delight as we poured paint and sprayed colour. It was at this time moment I realised we both needed this day, creating time to find freedom, learning to unlearn again, how I create, how I paint. I feel like this show is about that feeling, trusting the process."

The exhibition runs until January 8 2020.


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