As many as one quarter of people with chronic sinusitis were affected with depression.

Long term sinusitis sufferers may have symptoms such as:

1. Stuffy nose

2. Nasal discharge

3. Post nasal drip

4. Reduced sense of smell

5. Coughing – especially at night

6. Sore throat

7. Bad breath

8. Tiredness

9. Aches and pains

10. Sleeping difficulties

Together these symptoms may trigger or worsen depression/anxiety.

In our clinic we use a multi pronged approach in treating this and many conditions with therapies such as Micro-immunotherapy, Physiological Regulating Medicine (P.R.M ), Gut Health and Microbiome restoration, Nutritional and Nutraceutical therapies, Lifestyle Medicine, Natural Hormonal Balancing, Glandular support, Soft tissue and joint support, Herbals, and Needle free Medical Acupuncture, Therapeautic Mindfulness and CBT techniques to achieve excellent results.

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Dr Bhatti is a qualified Medical Doctor with a Postgraduate Diploma from the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons in Ireland. He has worked in all the main hospitals in Galway, Port Washington Hospital, Milwaukee General Hospital, Wisconsin USA. He has worked in the fields of medicine, chest medicine, surgery, cardiology, orthopaedics, skin, paediatrics, geriatrics, psychiatry and has over 30 years practise and teaching experience in the field of complementary medical care.


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