Exhibition inspired by Salthill's Circle of Life garden

Proceeds from sales of paintings at the show to go to the Strange Boat Donor Foundation

A work by Angeline Cooke.

A work by Angeline Cooke.

THE ARTIST Angeline Cooke will hold an exhibition of her latest paintings in the Renzo Café, Eyre Street, with proceeds from sales of the works going to the Strange Boat Donor Foundation.

Entitled Buiochas - Gratitude, the exhibition is dedicated to the memory of all organ donors (the artist herself received a kidney transplant in 1996 ). The exhibition is inspired by the Circle of Life garden in Quincentennial Park, Salthill.

The Circle of Life is the national organ donor commemorative garden and was developed by the Strange Boat Donor Foundation in partnership with the Galway City Council. Strange Boat is a private, voluntary, charity which promotes the cause of organ donation and provides support to donor families.

An official opening event for the exhibition takes place this Saturday at 8.30pm. The exhibition runs until Sunday January 12.


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