Hanley calls for 'Street School' to be piloted in Galway

Soc Dems councillor says scheme would 'challenge the idea that everyone can park as close to the school gates as possible'

Galway should follow the example of Malahide and introduce the 'school street' traffic calming concept which involves restricting motorised traffic outside schools at drop off and pick up times.

This is the view of the Social Democrats Galway City East councillor Owen Hanley, who is calling for a school to be identified to pilot the 'school street' concept, with a view to extending it across the city.

The scheme was introduced this week in Malahide, County Dublin, and saw flexicones, and other measures, to make more space for those not using cars. The system is also in operation in other countries. Cllr Hanley is calling on "all stakeholders – children, parents, and residents" to find the best school to trial this initiative and to "make it a success for Galway". He has already broached the idea with a number of parents and is inquiring with City Hall to see if the initiative could be piloted at a school in the city.

"The environment around our schools in the mornings can be extremely hostile with cars parked illegally on every available piece of cement," he said. "We have to challenge the idea that everyone can park as close to the school gates as possible and provide a safe environment for those who walk and cycle to school."


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