Noor Poppers' The Nature of Things

A Dutch woman's view of the Irish and French countrysides

Detail from Barna Wood by Noor Poppers.

Detail from Barna Wood by Noor Poppers.

THE NATURE Of Things, the new exhibition from the Dutch artist Noor Poppers, will be opened this evening at The Courthouse, Kinvara, at 6.30pm by the actor, musician, and writer Little John Nee.

Noor moved to Ireland in the mid 1970s after falling in love, not only with an Irishman, but with the Irish landscape, countryside, and even the weather! She raised her family in Galway while working as a therapist before returning to college to study fine art in 2004. Using mainly acrylics and oils, her current exhibition, entitled The Nature of Things, takes inspiration from the French countryside near Carcassonne, as well as from the Irish countryside.

The exhibition is open daily from 12 noon to 6pm until Sunday December 8.


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