Electric cars to face new charges on ESB network

From November 18, owners of electric vehicles will have to pay a fee to use the ESB’s 50 kilowatt public chargers.

It is the first time the ESB has introduced pricing for its public EV charge points, and it says the new pricing system will give EV drivers the choice of two payment plans.

Drivers can either opt to pay 33 cent per kilowatt hour on a simple pay-as-you go basis, or sign up to pay a €5 per month membership fee, which means a reduced charge of 29 cent per unit used.

Both options are more expensive than charging an EV at home, which can be as little as 10 cent per kilowatt hour using night-rate electricity.

The ESB rolled out its public network of electric car charge points nine years ago. There are now about 1,000 charge points nationwide.



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