How can Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy at OxyGeneration help your sports injuries?

Many athletes worldwide rely on Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT ) to improve their athletic performance. HBOT is a powerful treatment that any exercise enthusiast can benefit from, especially in the areas of active recovery, healing and treating injuries. Training, conditioning, and competition all stress the body.

Recovery is a part of every athlete's training programme and it is important to understand the significance of rest days to allow the body to recover after hard workouts. Think of HBOT as a fast-forward button for healing and recovery. By flushing tissues with high levels of oxygen, athletes may experience benefits, such as increased stem cell activation, faster bone and cartilage regeneration, reduced muscle fatigue, and exhaustion.

Recovery time may be reduced by up to 33 per cent through the use of HBOT. Injuries, both major and minor, are often unavoidable. Whether you’re competing in a contact sport like rugby, stressing joints by running, or straining tendons in the gym, even the fittest will likely suffer from an injury at some point.

More than 60 per cent of recreational joggers and runners are side-lined by an injury every year. The traditional recipe for injury treatment for most recreational athletes is focused on rest. However, studies show that HBOT is a truly game-changing therapy as it helps injured tissue absorb 700 times the amount of oxygen normally available.

A 60 minute HBOT treatment allows oxygen to penetrate deeply into blood, plasma, and cerebral fluids, increasing healing and circulation where it is needed most. Injuries that may be helped with HBOT therapy include ACL and other ligament injuries, muscle strains and fatigue, and cartilage damage.

If you are considering HBOT for sport performance, injury recovery, or other conditions, contact (091 ) 394444 or email [email protected], or go online to to find out more.



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