Fran McCann's jazz inspired take on life

Belfast artist's latest exhibition takes place in The Kenny Gallery

Fran McCann. Photo:- Dean Kelly

Fran McCann. Photo:- Dean Kelly

GOING PLACES, whether metaphorically, thematically, or stylistically, is the theme of That Other Life, the new exhibition by Fran McCann, which opens this week in The Kenny Gallery.

Born in Belfast, McCann is a self-taught artist, who prefers painting with a palette knife, rather than a brush, believing it to be the most immediate and direct way to express his ideas. Among his influences is Jack Yeats, as can be seen in the way McCann's figures emerge from vibrant and instinctively painted backgrounds, and the use of saturated and bold colour.

Fran McCann That Other Life

Jazz, particularly the music of Myles Davis and John Coltrane, is another major inspiration, as seen in McCann's spontaneous and improvised style. As it happens McCann is also a great saxophonist.

The exhibition will be opened at 6pm tomorrow at Kennys’ Liosbán gallery by the poet and author, Gerry Hanberry. All are welcome.


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