South Galway success story APOS expands suite of services

You probably know the big, blue building outside Kilcolgan. But, did you know that it hosts a Galway success story? APOS Ltd, a wholly Irish owned company, specialises in the manufacture and fitting of prosthetic and orthotic devices to clients with a wide range of pathologies.

Recently, APOS has expanded services to provide clinics almost nationwide offering a wider range of solutions for perambulatory disfunction.

APOS are the West of Ireland’s prosthetic specialists. Its internationally qualified clinical team aims to provide comfortable prostheses that enables resumption of normal day-to-day activities including sports, household chores, or a return to employment. The prosthetics team assists clients with their expectations to offer an appropriate bespoke solution, irrespective of the cause of limb absence.

Orthotics are integral to the APOS success story. Orthotics relates to the application of external devices to a part of the body to maintain or alter the position of a joint or body part. They can be fitted to almost any body part to help alleviate a range of conditions including plantar fasciitis, foot/ankle pain including tendon or ligament injury and osteoarthritis.

APOS now offers state-of-the-art Diers Biomedical Technology in providing diagnostic solutions. Diers are the worldwide leader in developing optical 3D/4D postural and gait analysis. Gait analysis identifies biomechanical abnormalities in the way you stand, walk or run and provides comprehensive information relating to spinal/postural alignment, foot pressure and gait assessment.

The whole musculoskeletal system is mapped without radiation to facilitate recovery post orthopaedic injury, the monitoring of spinal curvature arising from scoliosis or osteoporosis and assists in determining underlying causes of pain arising from poor alignment or gait and foot malfunction.

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