From Tide to Table, Ireland's 'seafood Bible'

A new edition of Ireland’s original ‘seafood Bible’, Georgina Campbell’s From Tide to Table - Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Seafood is in bookshops now. Designed to help even the most reluctant home cooks to feel comfortable shopping for and cooking seafood, From Tide to Table is a handsome paperback covering everything from snacks and easily prepared family meals to seafood dishes for special occasions.

Much more than just a cookbook, From Tide to Table is a complete user guide to buying, preparing, and cooking the wide variety of fish and seafood caught in Irish waters. While seafood is enormously popular in restaurants, home cooks often lack the confidence to serve it. From Tide to Table demonstrates the ease of preparing and cooking seafood, and offers home cooks practical information on all the basic cooking methods and appealing, accessible, healthy, seafood recipes for every occasion. With photographs by Paul Sherwood, this stylish and user-friendly ‘how to’ cookbook offers more than 60 practical and delicious recipes, including some specialities from seafood restaurants around the country.

Favourite go-to dishes include luxury seafood chowder, baked crab hotpot, and smoked salmon tagliatelle with Parmesan cream. There are ideas for family and midweek meals such as cheesy grilled pollock and smoked haddock fish cakes; special occasion seafood such as sole on the bone and whole poached salmon; and a wide range of the side dishes, sauces, and accompaniments that make every meal special.

From Tide to Table explains the health benefits of seafood, provides a detailed fish identification, shopping and preparation guide, and gives hints on how to encourage children to enjoy fish. Against a backdrop of Ireland’s responsible fishing methods and initiatives, descriptive mini-features on the various species and some of the people who work with them (at oyster farms and salmon smokehouses, for example ), lend a unique personality to this vividly illustrated book — and this new edition includes features on seaweed and foreshore foraging, and also freshwater trout farming.

From Tide to Table is not just a beautiful book, but a very down to earth and practical one too. It highlights the range and versatility of fresh fish and seafood available in Irish waters, and helps to make it accessible to everyone through these delicious yet straightforward recipes. And the recipes are much more than the sum of their parts, as the repertoire provides an easily adapatable foundation for cooking all fish and seafood. And then there is the question of what to serve with fish, which can be a challenge to many cooks — so the wide range of accompaniments given here is a huge plus.

So, if you like seafood but do not feel confident enough to cook it at home, or if you are unsure of how to prepare it or what to serve with seafood, than this is the book for you. Include From Tide to Table on your Christmas wish list this year and enjoy delicious home cooked Irish seafood meals for many years to come.

First published in hardback in 2008, in association with Bord Iascaigh Mhara (BIM ), Ireland’s Seafood Development Agency, Georgina Campbell’s From Tide to Table — Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Seafood has become a modern classic. The new edition is available from bookshops nationwide (Epicure Press, price €20 ).


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