The power of colours

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To look taller, wear one colour from head to toe.

To look taller, wear one colour from head to toe.

Colour is all around us and different colours have affect on our moods, emotions, and appearance in different ways. Your eyes, hair, and complexion are your body harmony colours. You should wear colours that complement these natural colours. Wearing the right colours enhances your image and makes you look refreshed, younger, and thinner. Wearing the wrong colours will make you look tired and will emphasise dark under eye circles, wrinkles, and imperfections.

Wear colours that suit your natural complexion

If your complexion is warm, ie, red toned hair, fair skin, and blue eyes, you should wear colour in medium depth such as orange, yellow, aqua, green, brown, or grey.

If your complexion is light, ie, blonde hair, fair skin, green eyes, then light tone colours will work wonderfully on you. Try pastel colours, light navy, beige, and medium grey.

If your complexion is dark, ie, dark hair, blue eyes, fair to dark skin, darker shades will look amazing on you. Try black, blush pink, dark navy, red, chocolate, or green.

To check if a colour is compatible with your natural colouring, do the hanger test. Place the garment under your chin and look into a well-lit mirror. You will see whether the effect the colour has on your complexion is good or bad.

The most popular system classifies people by season. However, we don’t stop there. In order to fully determine someone’s colour palette, we must consider the proper shades of a colour in relationship to their body harmony colours.

Once you learn what colours are best for you, you have the basis for a winning wardrobe, with confidence that every item of clothing in your wardrobe will enhance your overall image and personal style.

Use colours to look slimmer: For years we have been wearing black to look thinner. Now we have a coterie of colours, from midnight blue, deep greens, purple, and wines, to charcoal grey and brown, which will all create the same slimming effect.

To give the illusion of a bigger bum, wear a brighter colour on your bottom half and use the darker shade on the top half.



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