Album review: Kim Gordon

Kim Gordon - No Home Record (Matador)

Kim Gordon.

Kim Gordon.

THE EASIEST way to approach Kim Gordon's debut album is not necessarily at the start, but towards the end, with the furious, rampaging, hurtle of 'Hungry Baby'.

Imagine The Damned's version of The Stooges' '1970', but with atonal drones, screeches, and wails replacing the guitars, and lyrics of detachment and boredom banished in favour of blues-like sexual bravado. It's a thrilling moment on what is often an uncompromising album.

'Get Yr Life Back' is a long chant, with Gordon musing about Twitter and Fleetwood Mac over throbbing noises and subtle electronic clicks; 'Murdered Out' boasts a fat, groove laden, bass riff that any rapper would be proud of - think of it as a fusion of avant-rock and hip hop; dance and techno of a mutant kind inform 'Cookie Butter'; while a string quartet back Gordon for opening track 'Sketch Artist'.

Yet, for those familiar with Gordon's previous band, Sonic Youth, and her more recent work with Bill Nace in Body/Head, this will have many recognisable entry points and motifs - for example 'Air BnB' for the former and 'Earthquake' for the latter. This is quality art-rock, resolutely avant-garde, and experimental, but one which does requires a strong level of commitment from the listener.


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