Discover the benefits of yoga

We spend our lives in a constant state of rush and worry. Our nervous system has two pathways governing how our bodies work: the sympathetic (stress response, ‘fight or flight’ ) and parasympathetic (recovery response, ‘rest and digest’ ) systems. Whichever system is activated dictates how we process our nutrients, store fat, build muscle, recover, sleep, release hormones, etc.

In our constant stressed state, we barely ever activate our parasympathetic system, which would allow recovery, and calm our hormones and inflammation signals. This is the very under-appreciated secret to why we seem to ‘do everything right’ but don’t see results in our body and health.

Yoga is recognised by research as one of the best natural ways to benefit from balance and harmony in our nervous system. Breath work, meditation, and gentle physical movements communicate to our brain that we are safe and it can relax and regenerate, offering profound effects on our cardiovascular and digestive systems, sleep quality, and weight loss.

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