Being able to ask for what you need.

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Every so often life throws some big lesson at us to give us an opportunity to learn and grow. This weekend my big challenge was being able to ask clearly for what I needed from others. This fear of being able to ask for what we need can be a very frightening and crippling place, it keeps us small and causes all sorts of misunderstandings and conflicts contrary to our best intentions.

In this life, all good healthy interpersonal relationships depend on us being able to ask for what we need. Some of us put other people’s wants and needs ahead of our own and end up people pleasing and eventually exploding with anger or resentment.

Why don’t we put ourselves first? Is it because we think we don’t deserve to? Or are we so conditioned and simply afraid to ask for what we need? In trying to be polite and accommodate everyone else, we may send out a message of being “a doormat”. If this is the case some People will take advantage and walk all over us. A time will eventually come where we will need to let them know where they can and cannot step. Eventually we can’t play small anymore.

Leading a happy, healthy and fulfilled life depends on us setting boundaries and asking for what we want and need. Sometimes our wants and needs can directly affect other People, or their wants and needs can be in conflict with our own. In this case it’s important to remember to balance healthy self-assertion with consideration and respect for others.

Knowing clearly your own position and what you want is the first step so that you won’t be bullied or walked on.

Communicating this position properly is also important. Clearly state your need, don’t just sheepishly ask the other person to “please” grant your wishes. By asking for what you want or need in life you will help guide your own success and self-confidence will follow.

Ask for what you want and be prepared to get it. Maya Angelou


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