Half of ‘imports’ checked in 2019 showed alerts

Audi Ireland has launched an innovative joint promotion with vehicle history and data expert Cartell.ie to provide vehicle condition transparency to all Audi drivers.

Recognising the risks faced by potential purchasers of imported Audi vehicles, a new user-friendly website AudiCheck.ie is now operational.

The new website will allow customers to check their Audi vehicle (imported or domestic ) for any software update or product enhancements requirements. By simply entering their registration number, customers will be notified of any software updates or product enhancement requirements which can be rectified free of charge at their local authorised Audi dealer. Cartell.ie tracked the ‘imported’ fleet in 2019 (cars only, all makes and models ) between January 1 and June 30. From a sample of 5,906 vehicles offered for sale on their UK registration plate and checked via the Cartell.ie website in 2019, it was found the percentage of vehicles checked by consumers returning discrepancies on their mileage was 23 per cent.

The percentage of vehicles checked by the consumer returning an outstanding finance marker stood at 14.4 per cent, and the comparable figure for vehicles returning a damage alert stood at 16.4 per cent.

Jason Mallon, head of aftersales at Audi Ireland, says the Audi network has a comprehensive used car offering for Audi customers.

"We acknowledge customers purchase used cars via private sales or through other channels. This new partnership is giving used Audi drivers the opportunity to get the care and attention their car requires from the experts.

"Peace of mind is crucial for customers when purchasing an Audi. All cars sold via our dealer network come with a car history check along with a comprehensive 110 point check. Our partnership with Cartell.ie encourages customers who don’t buy from the Audi network to get a history check when buying a used Audi.

"If they get a Cartell.ie history check, we offer the value of the Cartell history check back in the form of a voucher. This voucher can be redeemed against Audi services or accessories with Audi Authorised Service Dealers in the Republic of Ireland."

Jeff Aherne, director of Cartell.ie, says these figures are startling and show how cautious a buyer needs to be in the market.

"More than 50 per cent of all the cars in the sample of vehicles checked on their UK registration plate in 2019 returned a significant alert on the vehicle. A buyer shopping abroad can avail of some excellent value, but with the high number of discrepancies in vehicles checked, it is always wise to carry out a check prior to purchase.” Cartell.ie looked at the overall make-up of the imported fleet in 2019 and found the Audi A4 and Audi A6 featured prominently in the list, occupying the fourth and fifth slots respectively. In terms of the overall make-up of the brands, Audi places third in 2019.

Most popular imported models year to date 2019

Rank Model Number

1 VW Golf 2657

2 Ford Focus 2495

3 Nissan Qashqai 1719

4 Audi A6 1422

5 Audi A4 1372

6 BMW 520 1331

7 VW Passat 1179

8 Hyundai i30 1047

Most popular imported brands year to date 2019

Rank Model Number

1 Volkswagen 5798

2 Ford 5425

3 Audi 4640

4 Hyundai 3867

5 BMW 3859

6 Mercedes Benz 3636

7 Toyota 3557

8 Nissan 2929


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