The beauty of lifting weights at Me2UFitness

Christina Dillon of, Ballybane Enterprise Centre. 
Photo:-Mike Shaughnessy

Christina Dillon of, Ballybane Enterprise Centre. Photo:-Mike Shaughnessy

If you feel beautiful on the inside - comfortable in your own skin - you ooze confidence.

Overall, you feel happier and this translates into your physical health and beauty. And yet we spend enormous amounts of money making ourselves beautiful on the outside and very little on improving our internal beauty. Looking great on the outside is something we all want but being healthy on the inside is a much better option.

Lifting weights is one of the best ways to improve your health inside and outside. Increase self-confidence and 'See What You’re Made of' greater self-confidence is a strength training benefit you may not perceive at first, but it is a great perk nonetheless. Most women are not aware of the physical and mental, strength they truly possess. However, once they increase their strength and start squatting and lifting weights, they become aware of their true abilities.

Build the body you really want

Hours upon hours of cardio every week is not the best way to build a lean and strong body. Most women want to lose weight and tone up. They want lower levels of body fat and feminine curves. Unfortunately, when most women decide to start exercising, they automatically begin doing hours of cardio each week. If you want to shed body fat, build some feminine curves and look better in your clothes, then you need to lift weights (barbells, dumbbells, machines, kettlebells ), and get stronger. You will burn tons more calories.

Fact: strength training, whether via free weights or a machine, builds muscle. The more muscle mass you have, the higher your metabolism is—even when you are just hanging out on the sofa. Higher metabolism means more calories burned after the workout is over.

At Me2UFitness clients can achieve their goals, look and feel great inside and out.

Log onto the website and book a free consultation or take advantage of the one month personal training programme for €99 for the month of September.


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