Enjoy a career in treating chronic pain and sports injuries

With a qualification in sports massage and neuromuscular therapy from the National Training Centre (NTC ) you can set up your own private practice, work within an established clinic, work with football teams, athletes, or become the resident therapist in one of the growing number of health clubs and personal training centres that are becoming so popular nationwide.

Earning a realistic salary could require no more than 10 treatments per week. Some therapists prefer to work from home, starting off on a part-time basis and building up their practice. With the high number of people in Ireland who suffer with chronic pain, unresolved for weeks, months, or even years, it is a relief to learn that NTC graduates provide a pain solution for people in their local community different from the chartered physiotherapist, osteopath, or chiropractor. The National Training Centre is Ireland’s longest established training provider in the areas of health, fitness, and bodywork therapy and is the founder of neuromuscular therapy educational programmes in Europe.

NTC offer students in Galway and surrounding areas the opportunity to study on a part time basis with courses being held at the Maldron Hotel, Headford Road, Galway. Treating a person’s pain is a serious responsibility. Neuromuscular therapists not only learn to provide solutions to chronic pain, myofascial pain, and fibromyalgia, they also gain the highest standard of training available in soft tissue manipulation, according to director of academic studies John Sharkey. The courses are accredited by the SMA, the Association of Soft Tissue Therapists in the UK, and students are comprehensively assessed during and at the end of their studies. Many NTC graduates open up their own clinics and work independently and the service they provide to their local communities is outstanding.

Securing your place on the next NTC course starting in Galway will provide you with the opportunity to study and train with internationally recognised experts in the areas of chronic and acute pain, sports injuries, myofascial pathology, and myofascial trigger points. As a clinical anatomist and physiologist John Sharkey ensures that your knowledge of anatomy will provide a solid foundation for understanding the pathophysiology and aetiology of pain disorders

Investing in your future, or that of your son or daughter, with a national qualification from NTC will yield lifelong rewards. For more information on neuromuscular therapy courses visit www.ntc.ie If you would like to find a neuromuscular therapist in your area to treat pain and injury visit the Association of Neuromusular and Physical Therapy at www.anmpt.ie


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