Top job skills in 2019

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September is coming to an end and many of us will be getting into the mindset of work that can mysteriously disappear during the relaxing days of summer.

But this time of year can be a perfect time to review the year and wonder whether those goals and targets which you set back in January have been achieved, on course, or fallen by the wayside. Perhaps you decided that 2019 was the year you wanted a new challenge and a new career. It might be September soon and you may be in the same job as you had in January but there is no time like the present to make a change. So how do you go about obtaining that new dream job - upskilling.

They say you never stop learning as you grow and there are number of courses out there that one can avail of to upgrade the CV and enhance job prospects. Even the plain old satisfaction of acquiring new knowledge can be enough to tempt people to participate in a class while meeting new people and friends.

Here at the we decided to provide you with a few ideas of what are the most valuable skills in 2019.

1. Cloud computing

You guessed it - IT skills are in massive demand and the IT skill most in demand is cloud computing. Providing one of the highest salaries in IT, there is a huge cloud skills shortage at present due to its influence on other areas of IT including data analytics, networking, project management, and cybersecurity

2. Analytics and data management

As businesses become more data-driven, the need for people with analytics and data management skill continues to increase. The culture of information allows for better insight into patterns and trends. Thus, critical business decisions are made with data as the driving force.

3. Creativity

Skills are not all about earning a piece of paper. Soft skills such as creativity are in huge demand by businesses. Employers want creative free-thinkers on their teams now because they can solve situations with fresh perspectives as well as being able to dream up new ideas for products and services. A few minutes of meditation every morning can help oneself become more creative.

So there you have it. A few top skills for 2019.

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