Daithí releases new album in October

10 track L.O.S.S. features collaborations with Paul Noonan, Ailbhe Reddy, Tandem Felix, Sacred Animals, and The Sei

Daithí. Photo:- Christian Tierney

Daithí. Photo:- Christian Tierney

L.O.S.S., THE long awaited second album from producer, composer, DJ, and violinist Daithí, will be released on October 18, digitally and on vinyl, via Galway based label, Strange Brew Records.

The album's 10 tracks include the singles 'Take The Wheel', Daithí's collaboration with Bell X1's Paul Noonan, and one of his greatest songs; 'Orange', an honest, open, exploration of heartbreak, and featuring long-time collaborator Sinead White; and 'Submarines', with singer-songwriter Ailbhe Reddy, and mixing pulsing house beats with Irish trad.

L.O.S.S. also features the latest single, 'Nobody New Around You', which was inspired by the countryside around Limousin, central France, where much of the album was written.

“'Nobody New Around You' is the first track I wrote for L.O.S.S.," he said. "When I first arrived I was really inspired by the countryside. Limousin is a farming area with very little tourism or industry. I felt completely alone out there, and it forced me to really focus on what I was trying to achieve with this new music. 'Nobody New Around You' is inspired by that feeling of quiet wistfulness when you're completely alone, it's music for self-reflection."

The album also contains contributions from Orla Gartland, Tandem Felix, Sacred Animals, Ryan Vail, and The Sei, and thematically is largely an exploration of loss.

“I became interested in the idea of how people deal with loss, and the different ways that they recover from it,” said Daithí. “I was at my lowest point, feeling like nothing would ever be okay again, and found myself writing all sorts of melodies and chords as a form of therapy, but at first couldn’t imagine getting to a place where I felt comfortable making songs out of them. This project scared me, but I'm also more proud of it than anything I've ever done.”

Daithí plays the Róisín Dubh on Thursday September 19.



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