An African take on Talking Heads

The London Astrobeat Orchestra to play the Galway International Arts Festival 2019

The London Astrobeat Orchestra.

The London Astrobeat Orchestra.

AFRICAN MUSIC was a huge influence on Talking Heads, particularly on albums like Fear Of Music and Remain In Light, so it makes sense that a group of West African musicians should re-interpret the New Yorkers' songs through an African filter.

The London Astrobeat Orchestra, featuring leading African session musicians from Senegal, Guinea, Mali, Cameroon, and the Congo, will perform songs from Talking Heads' celebrated live album/concert film Stop Making Sense, at the Róisín Dubh this Sunday [July 28] at 8pm, as part of the Galway International Arts Festival.

Expect to hear 'Psycho Killer', 'Burning Down The House', 'Once In A Lifetime', and 'Life During Wartime' re-imagined from an African musical standpoint, with a strong element on the funk, rhythmic, anthemic, and percussive elements. According to Newcastle's World Headquarters, “This is Talking Heads - Stop Making Sense delivered live and with a degree of raw, cosmic, human energy that will totally, utterly, and completely blow your wig off!”

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