People of the Tribes: Meet Naomi.

In association with McGettigans

My name is Naomi Forkan, I go to school in the Jes. I have a great passion for food and I have learnt to cook at a very young age as my father is a chef and food is a big part of the house. I work in our family run business called moycullengreenfoods located in Eyre Square where Galway's atmosphere shines. I began to find myself really enjoying my working environment with my sister and meeting new people every day. I love interacting with people as I have a really bubbly personality. I find myself a very caring person, I started volunteering as a member of the order of Malta, as I have a keen interest in becoming a paramedic after I finish school and see this a great opportunity to gain as much knowledge in that field.

The order is recognised in international law as a sovereign entity, bit only does it support the international humanitarian missions but also provides local emergency medical services and training and support to the vulnerable society. I found myself becoming more interested in the order. I have learnt a significant amount of valuable knowledge that I will hopefully carry on in my studies in the future as a paramedic. I also love nature and animals, especially horses. From a young age, horses have always brought be an immense amount of happiness and a form of escapism.

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