Emigrant artists explore the impact of place

A Sardinian and a San Franciscan to display their works at Kinvara Courthouse

A detail from Permission Slip, oil on cardboard, by Darryl Vance.

A detail from Permission Slip, oil on cardboard, by Darryl Vance.

A SARDINIAN and a San Franciscan, both now living in Galway, explore the impact of home, place, and emigration in their new exhibition, Two Places At Once, which opens at the Kinvara Courthouse this evening at 8pm.

Two Places At Once features work by Fabiano Mulas and Darryl Vance. Mulas is a chef and also owns the Basilico restaurant in Oranmore. He is converting a large outbuilding at the family's organic farm in Derrykeel into an art studio. He is also a graduate of Kensington and Chelsea College of Art and Design. Vance earned a BFA, and graduated with honours from The Atlanta College of Art.

Fabiano Mulas

"I think for artists, it's about putting yourself into the canvas," Mulas [pictured above] said. "How can you impact those two dimensions? I'm rebuilding my life to what I want it to be. For me, it's art, food and nature in one place. And they're all linked. I'm painting life."

Vance's palette reflects dramatic shifts in colour and light from the sunny climes of Northern California to the cooler, softer hues of the west of Ireland. Mulas's work explores landscape, both the natural and the man-made. "Whatever I’ve done has always reflected the where and the when," Vance said. "What has changed about this new work is the experience of being in two places: the place of memory and the place of reality, and there is the space in between. It’s a type of bardo I seem to be painting my way through."

The artists will talk about their work at this evening's opening. Gallery opening hours are 11am to 5pm. See www.kava.ie



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