The fun, casual, dining experience with Papa'z Bistro

It is said that we never work a day in our lives if we love our jobs, and when we are passionate about our work, the results produced are quality. Located on Middle Street, Papa'z Bistro is a place where workers combine passion and skill for cooking to produce some of the tastiest dishes one can sample in Galway.

Open seven days a week, from 12 noon to 9.30pm, the restaurant has fitted in seamlessly to Galway's food community and is fast becoming a hot spot for those who love casual, fun, dining with first class food.

One dish that immediately catches the eye is the amazing chicken sandwich. With Cajun-spice infused chicken, bay leaves, onions with honey mustard, and garlic mayo sauces, the amazing chicken is a favourite for regular customers.

Head chef Gill Cavanagh reveals that the dish came about when he began experimenting with a few ingredients for his lunch back in his Limerick restaurant.

"One day I was sitting, I was having what is now the amazing chicken for myself for lunch. It was just a sandwich for myself, and a regular customer walked in, asked what I was about to settle down to, and said, 'I will have that for my lunch'. I wrapped it up and handed it to her and she came in the next day and said 'that chicken was amazing' so I now have the amazing chicken on Papa'z' menus, and from there we have gone from strength to strength."

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