BAFTA winning game designer to lead Baboró Game Design Workshop

Brenda Romero, the BAFTA winning game designer will lead the Baboró Game Design Workshop for anyone aged from 10 to 12 years, on Saturday June 29 at the Connacht Hotel.

Hosted by Baboró International Arts Festival for Children and facilitated by Romero Games, 100 aspiring young game designers will work together in teams to develop their own game concept and characters. Two workshops will be held throughout the day with one exclusively for girls.

The workshops will be led by Brenda Romero and delivered by her team from the award-winning Romero Games, which has been based in Galway since founders Brenda and John Romero relocated from Silicon Valley in California in 2015.

“We are passionate about our craft and believe in fostering a fun and vibrant environment where creativity can thrive”, said Brenda Romero, CEO of Romero Games. “I was 11 when I started in game design and it is very important to me to be able to share my excitement around tech with children and to encourage game design as a career. In particular, I am driven to inspire confidence in young girls to pursue their curiosity and ambition in this creative profession.”

During the workshop, attendees will learn about design, art, code, and audio. They will be guided by Romero and the artistic and technical leads from Romero Games before presenting their work as a group. Brenda Romero will explore what makes a game a game, and give attendees the building blocks to develop a game of their own.

Booking is through the Town Hall Theatre (091 - 569777, ).



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