Joxer before the Paycock

Phelim Drew in new play which presents more sympathetic portrait of notorious O'Casey character

Phelim Drew as Joxer Daly.

Phelim Drew as Joxer Daly.

JOXER DALY is not the kind of man you want your husband to be friends with. Then again, 'Captain' Jack Boyle is not the man any woman should have to endure as a husband.

In Sean O'Casey's Juno and The Paycock, Joxer and Jack are work dodging drunks and wasters, with Jack always willing to let a sponger like Joxer lead him astray. And it is that latter character that writer Eddie Naughton has focused on for the play Joxer Daly Esq, which is coming to the Clifden Arts Festival.

The play, with acclaimed actor Phelim Drew - son of the late, great, Ronnie Drew - in the title role, explores Joxer's backstory and attempts to present him as a more sympathetic character - a man who was once a respectable member of The Foresters Association, and how he ended up in the grinding poverty of tenement Dublin, as a vagabond scraping by with only his wit to use as collateral.

Joxer Daly Esq is in the Clifden Town Hall on Saturday September 24 at 6.30pm. Tickets are available via


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