Top tips for gardening this summer

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As the summer fast approaches, temperatures start to rise and the likelihood of sun being forecast increases slightly.

For the experienced gardener, plants and flowers start to bloom. But he/she will know which flowers bloom better in the summer, leaving that picture perfect garden, and know what other little details to add to their garden to create their little piece of paradise. Here at the, we provide you with the top three gardening tips for this summer.

1. Upcycling

Ask the question in what container do you put a plant or flower and the most likely response will be a ceramic pot. But anything can be used as a flower pot. A colander can be a hanging flower basket or a chest of drawers is perfect for plant pyramid. Do not let anything to go to waste. Always upcycle.

2. Lighting

Like humans, whatever way lighting hits the garden can have a huge impact on how good it looks. By carefully positioning lighting to on a specific area in your garden, you can turn a tree into a prominent feature.

3. Create a hangout

There are very few things that can top chilling out in your garden with the sun beating down and a cool beverage in your hand. But this level of tranquillity can only be reached if the garden is a comfortable place to be. Comfy settees, barbecues, and even a pop up gazebo can make your garden into a hangout which will have your friends calling round to relax.

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