Change of mind 2019 — tidying up

The online CAO 'change of mind' opened on May 5. Leaving Cert students can avail of this facility until July 1. This allows applicants to have the opportunity to register a change of course choices, free of charge. Every year there is a surge in last-minute amendments to CAO applications. Students have had more time to research courses and talk to people directly in specific job sectors. The golden rule, as stated many times, is to place courses choices in genuine order of preference.

Making changes

If you make a change online, an acknowledgement will also be sent to your e-mail address.

Subject to certain exceptions and restrictions, you may change course choices as often as you wish, up to 5.15pm on July 1. If you submit a change of mind, it cancels and supersedes all previous course choices in any category in which changes are made.

Course choices in the two categories (Level 8 and Level 7/6 ) are considered to be completely separate from each other for this purpose, eg, a change of Level 8 course choices will not affect Level 7/6 choices. The vast majority of students apply for courses in each list, giving them more options on offers day. If you do not wish to change the courses in one category, do not submit a change and your original courses in that category will remain unchanged.

Statement of course choices

If you make a change of mind, you will receive a revised statement of course choices, confirming your new course choices. The revised statement will NOT be issued before June 1. If it does not arrive by July 1, you MUST contact CAO immediately, and provide proof of the submission of the change of mind. It is important that your course choices be absolutely correct. Therefore, if you are going to be absent at the time when the revised statement is due, you must arrange for someone to check that it arrives and, when it arrives, that the contents are correct and accurately reflect your wishes. Do not wait until August to notify CAO of errors or omissions as it will be too late to do anything about them at that stage.


Q. Must all applicants get involved in the change-of-mind process?

A. No. If you are happy with your original choice list, then you can leave it as is.

Q. Are there any last minute checks that everyone should be doing?

A. Yes. It is a good idea however to check the latest published list of courses on offer from the CAO. Make sure you still meet all the subject, levels, and entry requirements. If you have an exemption and are applying to an NUI college for courses that do not include science or engineering, you must notify NUI headquarters in Dublin. Details on

Q. Is it enough to simply record on line the change I wish to make on my application record?

A. If you want to make any adjustment to either or both lists, you must re-submit the entire list in the order you now want. If you list only the extra course or courses, your original choices disappear from your application.

Q. What day are the Leaving Cert results being issued?

August 13. The State Examinations Commission (SEC ) delivers 2019 Leaving Cert results to more than 700 schools, and makes them available through a secure online service at from noon.

When are the first round offers being released?

August 16. The CAO releases round one offers to candidates online at 6am. Offer notices posted to candidates to arrive on this date.

Q. Where can I find some more career-specific information to help me to finalise my choices?

A. If you are looking for some factual information, guidance counsellors point towards Careersportal, Qualifax, and the CAO website.


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