When God is watching all you do...

Exploring the self and the Seven Deadly Sins at the Galway Arts Centre

"THE EYES of the Lord are in every place, beholding the evil and the good," says Proverbs 15:3, and this idea is at the core of a new exhibition, Omnipresence, which is running at the Galway Arts Centre.

Omnipresence, by Gabrielle Drimalovski, who was born in Lithuania, and who grew up in Tuam, explores the notion of the gaze in the context of religion, through a photographic series, a video piece, and a wall installation.

Omnipresence 1

At the core of the work are the 'seven deadly sins' and the idea of God watching us committing various sins. It also incorporates Freud’s theory of the human psyche structured into three parts - the id, ego and the superego - all developing at different stages of our lives. The collection of pieces delves into revealing 'the shadow self’, the side to us we often do not reveal to others. Mirrors are used to explore ideas of vanity, the self, and of being whole and fragmented at the same time.



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