Tips for selling a wedding dress online

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It is often said that a wedding day is one of the biggest days of the couple's life. What is rarely said it is one of the most expensive too.

Confetti Magazine estimates that the average spent on the big day by an Irish couple is around €25,000. With many guests handing over cash instead of gifts, couples hope that those cash donations can help pay for the big party. However, you cannot depend on the generosity of strangers, and the same goes for families and friends so sometimes couples will try to recoup their expenses by selling wedding props, especially one of the most valuable props; the wedding dress.

According to Confetti Magazine, the average wedding dress costs €1,687 and is one item that can secure a significant resale. Here at the we provide some tips on how to sell a wedding dress online.

1. Get selling asap

Just like the value of a car, the value of a wedding dress depreciates the second it is purchased so if you have decided to sell it, it is important to do so as quickly as possible. Remember a good price will attract a lot of attention so be reasonable with the fee. If after a few weeks, the dress still has not been sold, it is probably advisable to drop the price by a further 10 per cent to pique the interest of suitors.

2. Pictures

Like selling anything online, images are key. Pictures are the best way to showcase a wedding dress. Make sure the ad has full front and back shots of the gown. Also, an image of the dress being worn will also be very helpful for potential buyers as it gives a much better idea of how the dress fits on a person than a shot of dress on a hanger. And like any photo, make sure it is sharp and clear.

3. Detailed information

Include as much information as possible about the dress from the measurements and alterations to the fabric and how it was cleaned. Also, disclose if there are issues with the dress. Revealing any imperfections will not cause any problem later on in the transaction process.

So there you have it. Good luck selling that wedding dress.

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