Design tricks for small living rooms from EZ Living Furniture

If your living room is small and you are looking for ideas to maximise your space, take inspiration from these clever design tricks to make the smallest of rooms feel perfectly proportioned and to unlock the potential of your home. The most important tip to help you get started is to find the most suitable pieces and begin to plan a furniture arrangement that will add to the overall look of your space.

Injection of colour

One of the easiest ways of giving the illusion of space is to inject soft, pastel, shades into your design scheme to lift your interior.

Light it up

Let the sunshine in and embrace the natural light source available to make your room brighter. What is better than a sunlit room, after all, to create those feels and eliminate shadows that can make an enclosed area feel even smaller.

You can further enhance your living room with a flush light fixture that is close to the ceiling as it will add more light without taking up precious floor space.

Save space

Utilise every inch of space in your living room by either getting a sofa built to fit the space, which can have useful storage hidden underneath, or choosing a corner sofa. An angled design will fit neatly in the corner and fill the whole area. It might seem counterproductive to go large, but a sofa that fits the space will not look oversized.

Double up

A mirrored design creates a uniform look that feels spacious and cosy at the same time. Invest in complementary sofas and place them opposite each other so the focus is on the open centre of the room. Or if you like the idea of sofas facing each other but space is just too tight, why not try the same idea with love seats? Luxurious for one but big enough for two to squeeze on.


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