Donal Lynch advocates for community centre in Galway City East

As the population of the east side of Galway City is growing, and as people from all different nationalities move into the area, community groups and organisations have become essential to the development of this area.

Donal Lynch, Fine Gael candidate for Galway City East, feels that the need for a multicultural recreational Community centre has now become a priority. With the growth in population, challenges arise to ensure that proper infrastructure is put in place to cater for the diverse and expanding community," he said.

"It is essential that people’s needs are catered for. A recreational and community facility’s main purpose is to provide opportunities for healthy active living, in a safe inclusive environment, by creating a positive atmosphere.

"These facilities become essential to personal health and wellness. A community centre provides people with the opportunity to work and organise together, for the benefit of their community. It also provides a meeting place for voluntary organisations and other groups in the community. A community centre is essential to any area.

"It provides an opportunity for residents to be active and interact with each other," he said.

Donal Lynch presently works with different groups in the east side of Galway City and organises local activities and events. He recognises the joy that this brings to all age groups, and strongly feels that Galway City East needs this facility, as it is the fibre that grows people and communities going forward.

If successful, in the upcoming local elections, Donal Lynch says he will continue to campaign for a centre that revolves around the whole community. He would appreciate your support on May 24.



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