Make Galway more disabled friendly, says McDonagh

Labour candidate calls for investment in city playgrounds

Labour Galway City Central candidate John McDonagh.

Labour Galway City Central candidate John McDonagh.

With Ireland having ratified the UN Convention on the Rights of People with Disabilities in 2018, the Galway City Council has a duty to make the city a "more disabled friendly space".

This is the view of Labour's Galway City Central candidate, John McDonagh, who said a significant start on this issue can be made through "investment in playgrounds to make them accessible to children with disabilities". He said: "Disabled children shouldn’t have to be watching the fun from the sidelines."

Mr McDonagh argues that such works will not involve a high spend, and are "more a question of thought and care in the planning" as wheelchair swings, wheelchair accessible roundabouts, and equipment for special sensory areas are available at a reasonable cost.

Mr McDonagh is also calling on the Galway City Council to work with the Changing Places Ireland to provide toilets for "people with complex disabilities", as standard disabled toilets do not always meet such needs. "The campaign can provide guidelines and support to public bodies," he said, "to ensure the design of and equipment in changing facilities maximises the independence and comfort of users."



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