People of the Tribes: Meet Jody.

In association with McGettigans

Hi, I'm Jody Mullakey. I'm originally from Sligo town, but I've been living here for the last 23 years. I paint, write poetry and I also sing. I'm obsessed lately with the law of attraction and the power of visualisation, that you can actually attract what you see in your mind and feel in your heart, and vibrate it to yourself. I'm Aspergic, people call it autistic but it's not, it's more of heightened awareness of things, a heightened way of seeing and feeling reality. It makes me a bit odd, but it connects me deeper to my chi. I love Galway, I truly love the carefree attitude of the people and the fun that they have. I like the energy, it's uplifting and humorous. Don't be shy the next time you see me performing!!

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