Walking wildlife workshops in Headford

Headford will be hosting six walking wildlife workshops in the coming months.

The workshops will be hosted by Headford Environment Group, and will be led by specialists in various fields of biodiversity.

The workshops will enable participants to learn about and identify species found there and elsewhere. Topics that will be covered include bumblebees, butterflies, aquatic invertebrates, mammals, wild flowers, and hedgerows. Participants will also be invited to enter data into the National Biodiversity Data centre records.

The events will take place in the Sandybanks Lane. The lane already includes a wildlife mural, a picnic bench made by the Men’s Shed, and a wildflower meadow which the Environment Group sowed in 2016. Together with the grass verges and the riverbank of Lowery’s Stream, it is to form part of a pollinator trail around the town.

Venetia McEllin, member of the Environment Group, said: "We are delighted to bring these experts to Headford, and are very grateful to our sponsors, the Community Foundation for Ireland.

"This lane is a great amenity for the town, providing a safe place for people to walk with children and their dogs, and to take in a little of the natural heritage around us. We are delighted to introduce more people to the biodiversity which can be found there."

The local Scout group from Kilcoona recently helped with planting some native hedging, and local scheme workers and Headford and Corrib Anglers Club are managing the area in a way that’s conducive to encouraging wildlife.

The walking wildlife workshops are free and open to all, but children should be accompanied by an adult.

For further information email [email protected] or phone on 087 6708123.


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